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The telegram becomes the payment. The premium version of the service is finally available, and offers a ton of extra benefits for a small monthly fee. Here’s what you need to know about quotas, off limits, and more

For the past few years, Telegram The messaging platform has been able to achieve a prominent position in the sector. Although WhatsApp Pavel Durov’s services are no exception. The developers are well aware of this and they are pushing the accelerator with many useful innovations.

With the payment option of Telegram, it will be possible to access multiple additional benefits available from the first payment (Adobe stock).

As already widely discussed in the last few weeks, the company has one of its plans Paid version The service we are talking about is premium, finally available to everyone and which allows you to access multiple useful additions including a single monthly fee.

Telegram Premium, here are all the benefits and costs of additional services

Telegram Premium 20220712
Here’s what you need to know about the new premium variant available for 5.99 Euro (Adobe Stock) monthly payment

If the basic version Telegram Does not satisfy you in terms of effectiveness, to switch the advice immediately Premium. This is an additional and paid method that will actually double any limit imposed. It will be possible to follow as well 1000 channels (And not just 500 anymore). For folders, the limit goes to āĻĢ in each of the 20 folders, including 200 chats In the original list you can Add up to 10 chats And save up to 10 favorite stickers.

At the organic level, the limit increases and links can also be added. There is also space for GIFs, of which up to 400 can be saved in favorites and 20 public links can be saved. But also its speed Download and upload files, Now without any limits. Concerned about other changes vowel replication for absolute convenience, as well as exclusive stickers, more feedback and more. If you are interested, we remind you that the price matches 99 5.99 per month. Just click on the appropriate item “Telegram Premium” in the iOS app.

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