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A bolt from the blue, whether you like it or not, will hit the world of IM apps. Telegram equips itself with a premium subscription aimed at further enhancing the quality of its services: € 3.99 per month and you get exclusive content, special functions and all the best access to the Russian app offered. But how is it enabled, technically?

Telegram Premium: € 3.99 – 220622 Here’s how to get it at

A launch that, we must say, brought it with a tail Fear e Confusion Among users but now Telegram Will be paid For everyone? That means we have to Shell out a monthly amount Continue using the app? These are some of the questions users have asked the popular IM service community. First, the version Premium The Telegram – which we talked about in depth in the dedicated article – will be subscribed to Likes This means users can continue to enjoy free telegrams if you do not want to.

Telegram Premium: Here’s how to subscribe and save up to 30%

Telegram Premium: € 3.99 - 220622 Here's how to get it at
Telegram Premium: € 3.99 – 220622 Here’s how to get it at

But now the real question is: What is the price of telegram premium?? Some people talk 3,99 eurosOthers 5.99 Euros. But the correct answer is not: Both prices are correct. This confusion was also created by, in fact, the telegram itself. Read the official communication directly in the app on the occasion of iOS update Fee € 5.99. While on Android, again according to the official post-update communication, costs € 3.99 monthly. Although others, always on the Google platform, have read 5.99 Euros. In short, a great confusion.

We need to find out the reason behind this price discrepancy The way you hold the telegramBe it through official channels – then Play Store or App Store – or through APK. If you are one of those who downloaded telegrams through so-called “normal” channels, you will be charged the full amount of the monthly fee, i.e. 5.99 Euros. Be included 30% commission that Apple and / or Google put in their pocket. If you have downloaded the app through APK then the question is different: in that case cost is reduced 3,99 eurosMom Alone Is Android. In this particular case, the amount is allocated Only and exclusively A Telegram. To do this, you need to go through the bot PremiumbotWhich will handle monthly conversions outside of the Canonical Play Store or App Store.

Basically, if you want to try Telegram Premium and at the same time save monthly cost, The way forward is to download the APK directly from the official telegram website. The only downside is that updates have to be done manually every time – unlike in the Play Store where everything is automated. Goes for the same version Windows e Mac operating system From Telegram Premium, Is always downloaded from the app’s official website – so not from the App Store or Windows Store – with a monthly payment of € 3.99 through PremiumBot. However, at the moment, it is not possible to subscribe to Telegram Premium with a discount on iOS.

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