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Here is the paid version of Telegram which we are sure will turn many noses up and make many other users happy at the same time. The Russian IM app further enhances the quality level, a paid variant that comes with a ton of features. Here’s what they do and in what context they can be exploited!

Telegram Premium – 210622

That is for sure TelegramTo date, this is the best option WhatsAppAvailable in stores iOS Ed Android. The Russian IM app, over the years, has created a supporting role together with its homogenous version FacebookAlways impose yourself with the role Pioneer Where users are demanding new features and settings With Telegram Premium The Russians are ready Raise the bar further:

“Many users have expressed their desire to support our team.”The version presentation was written in the official press release Premium Del’App: “Today we are introducing Telegram Premium, a subscription that allows you to support and access the ongoing development of Telegram. Exclusive Additional functions. Subscriptions to the provided version will allow developers “Offer all the costly functions that users need year after year in terms of resources, Having free access to the most powerful messaging app on the planet. Basically, the telegram, in its “basic” form, will remain free.

All news of Telegram Premium

Telegram Premium - 210622
Telegram Premium – 210622

But that’s what changes with it Premium? First, by subscribing to the subscription, the effort will be able to double the limit imposed by the free version. So up to 4GB of storage, fast download, exclusive responsiveness for stickers and premium versions, as well as more precise and optimized chat management. Clearly, the spirit of the telegram – functions, settings and more – will never be free. We report all the detailed functions of Telegram Premium below:

  • 4GB upload: Each user can upload large files and media up to 2 GB and enjoy unlimited free storage in Telegram Cloud. Customers can send 4GB files through Telegram Premium. These files can download these large documents, whether they are subscribers or not.
  • Quick download: Premium customers can download files and multimedia content The highest speed possible.
  • The limit is doubled: Restrictions on apps have been reduced with Telegram Premium For example, it is possible to follow 1000 channelsBuild up 20 cartel cats Including max 200 chat Each, add one Quarto account In any Telegram app, just click 10 chat Save to main list and up 10 favorite stickers. You can write one Long bio And include a link to it, or even add more characters to the media captions Premium users can also set up 400 favorite GIFs And reserve up 20 public links
  • Voice from text: May be a voice message Converted to textUseful when you can’t hear (or don’t want to), but want to know what you’re talking about.
  • Unique sticker: Dozens of sticker support Full screen animationAnd exclusive to premium users so that additional emotional and expressive effects are visible All users. This premium sticker collection will be updated monthly by Telegram Artists.
  • Unique feedback: There are more ways for premium users to respond to messages, with More than 10 New emoji
  • Chat management With new tools for organizing chat lists, such as the ability to change Default chat folderSo that the app always opens in one Custom folder Or, for example, Unread Instead All chats. Additionally, customers can enable an option in its settings Privacy and security Per Archive and mute Automatically new chats to facilitate the organization of the most populous chat lists.
  • Animated profile photo: Premium users profile videos will be animated For everyone Throughout the app In the chat And inside Chat list.
  • Badge Premium: All premium users will get one Badge special That appears next to their names Chat listIn Chat title And inside Member list In the group, to show their contribution to the telegram support and the membership of the club that first adopts the new features.
  • Icon App Premium: Easy to get New icon Which premium users can add to their home screen to create new combinations with their personality or wallpaper. You can choose between a premium star, a night sky or a turbo-charged plane.
  • No list: In some countries, sponsored messages are shown on large one-to-many public channels. These minimal, privacy-conscious ads support Telegram’s operating costs, but will no longer appear for Telegram Premium customers.

In terms of cost, subscribing to a Telegram Premium subscription will cost 5.99 per month. To date, you can enter the “premium” world of Telegram only if you are an iOS user. The same subscription in the US is 4.99 per month, in other countries it goes up to $ 6.


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