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Elon Musk is slowly transforming his Tesla into a car you can do anything with. With the recent deal with Steam, the world of gaming will virtually be in the car, with CarPlay allowing you to pay for fuel directly from the display of the par excellence of the electric car. That’s not it.

Tesla, the all-rounder’s car – Adobe Stock

Michał Gapiński has released a new and improved version of its “Tesla Android Project” that brings Apple’s CarPlay experience to multiple Tesla vehicles. Virtually everyone. According to the Polish developer, however, the 2022.25.1 update provides “100% functional CarPlay integration for any Tesla “and also includes several new features and bug fixes

The project now supports DRM video playback so that apps like Netflix work normally, an orientation lock so that apps like Apple Music automatically start in landscape mode. The hack will now use Android 12.1 for even better stability and better performance.

A Raspberry Pi with an LTE modem, a Wi-Fi access point and a little

CarPlay (Adobe Stock)
CarPlay (Adobe Stock)

Gapiński’s CarPlay solution involves a use Raspberry Pi Along with an LTE modem and a Wi-Fi access point, running custom Android-based firmware as well as a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable and an Ethernet cable.

In practice, the car’s browser is used to connect to the Raspberry Pi and display the CarPlay interface on the Tesla’s screen, while Apple’s apps, including maps and music, work exactly as they should. The system will perform well while driving and can also be controlled via the multimedia buttons on the Tesla steering wheel.

Despite the predominance Carplay On many electric cars, Tesla does not offer government subsidies. Suggestions that Tesla planned to support Apple Music in 2020 never materialized, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk did not respond to requests on Twitter to bring the company’s CarPlay to its cars, despite one of Tesla owners’ requests .

A Worldwide Developers Conference 2022, Apple premiered the “next generation” of CarPlay for compatible vehicles. The next-generation CarPlay experience will support multiple displays within a vehicle, offer built-in climate control to adjust the air conditioning or heating temperature within the CarPlay interface, and more.

Apple says the first vehicles to support the new CarPlay experience will be announced by the end of 2023, with Ford, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti, Honda, Acura, Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi, Nissan, Volvo, Porsche and more likely thanks to Gapinski. It would even be possible to make it on all TeslasApple CarPlay Hack.

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