Tether Tools replaces its popular JerkStopper cable protection tool with its new TetherGuard system


Camera accessory maker Tether Tools has released an updated version of one of its most popular products, JerkStopper. After more than a decade of service in various iterations, JerkStopper is being replaced by the new TetherTools Tetherguard Method.

Like its predecessor, the TetherGuard is designed to prevent your cables, such as HDMI, 3.5mm audio and power cables, from being torn from your camera port. This not only reduces cable damage, but also helps prevent ports from being damaged by constant use, which is more expensive than replacing a single cable here and there.

TetherGuard uses what Tether Tools calls a ‘magnetic breakaway cable management system’ that relies on a ‘lock and dock’ system to keep your cables organized when not in use and secure when connected to cameras, computers and other bits of your gear. . Use it again. Specifically, the part that is attached to your camera uses a standard 1/4 “-20 tripod thread at the bottom to create a locking point from which no more cables can be pulled. Provides that will lock securely on almost any non-porous surface.

Like the original JerkStopper, the new TetherGuard system can be attached to your camera strap connection if you need access to a tripod socket at the bottom of your camera.

Tether Tools Tetherguard system Starting at 23.99 For basic tethering support kits with additional attachments and accessories needed for your setup.

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