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Forge of Empires, InnoGames’ award-winning strategic city-builder, allows its players to build cities that will grow from the Stone Age to the Modern Age. This month Ringmaster is back with his Haunted Fair and will be open for haunted business from October 27 to November 16, 2022.

The fearsome ringmaster has many quests for players to earn tickets. These tickets can be spent at the equipment shop for gadgets needed to clear the thick fog that plagues the foyer. Candles, flashlights and lanterns can be used to light the paths. If players are lucky enough to own some diamonds, orbs can be purchased to preview all that awaits in the mist. Thus, the player gets a recommendation about which direction he should take.

Hidden in the mist are tools, pumpkins, lightbulbs, toys and stickers. Pumpkins rewards players with random prizes, as well as a chance at the Daily Prize, The Intimidating Tower. This fearsome building gives players a 50% increase in the attack power of their attacking army on a single tile for 24 hours. Additionally, by completing calendar rewards, players can obtain the Haunted Tree, which provides 20 Forge Points for 5 collections.

Toys hidden in thick fog trigger new mini-quests Players can tackle these terrifying pursuits and at the end will be rewarded with extra tickets and a special toy collectible item.

Daily stickers will be available and added to the calendar. Complete it and you’ll be rewarded with Forge Points, products, a unique portrait, a new Town Hall Choice Kit, and an all-new limited building!

Tarot Card Caravans are the town hall of this year’s event. This upgradeable building has 12 levels and increases players happiness, population, coins, old age goods, forge points and attack power. The price of this haunted building is that it reduces the happiness of your town.

Forbidden Fair promises players a great journey. The Forge of Empires Halloween event is the latest in a long line of beautifully designed events taking place in this incredibly popular game.

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