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It doesn’t take much to dive into PC gaming — a laptop or desktop is usually the place to start. However, once you start adding keyboards, mice, and headsets you’ll need more space. The best way to add space is with a dedicated gaming desk, which will be the heart of your battle station. Here are our picks for the very best ones you can buy.

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We’ve tried to cover a full range of shapes and sizes on our list, and many of these desks come with extra hooks for headsets and keyboards. You can even choose the right leg shape to fit your gaming lair. Ready to upgrade your setup? Let’s go.

The best gaming desks:

Eureka Gaming Colonel series

gaming desk eureka colonel series

Our first pick from Eureka Gaming is one of the smaller options, measuring in at 43-inches across. It’s the perfect gaming desk if you want to show off your collectibles thanks to a series of shelves at the top of the frame. You won’t even have to worry about a mousepad because Eureka’s Colonel comes with a full-length pad built-in. Just like all good gaming desks, it features an RGB strip across the front, and you can stash your favorite drink in the mounted cupholder.

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Homall gaming 55-inch desk

gaming desk homall

Homall’s gaming desk isn’t quite as fancy when it comes to storage, but the 55-inch width is perfect for even the largest monitors. It sports sturdy T-shaped legs so you won’t have to worry about knocking over your setup in the heat of battle. You can also stash your headphones in the underhanging hook and stay hydrated with the cupholder. If you need to store your controllers or your favorite games, Homall has a small mount on the top of the desk for easy storage too.

AuAg gaming style desk

gaming desk auag

This next option from AuAg comes in with a width of 47-inches, and it easily features the most unique Y-shaped leg design of the bunch. Like the others, the AuAg desk comes with a large mousepad, as well as other essential accessories like a cupholder and a headphone hook. You can choose from six different RGB settings to match the rest of your battle station but there are no handy storage shelves for your other accessories.

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AmazonBasics desk

gaming desk amazonbasics

Leave it to Amazon to come up with a quality gaming desk that manages to undercut the rest of the competition. This is not only one of the most affordable options on the list, but it also packs plenty of room for accessories. You can store drinks, controllers, a keyboard, and more in the various wireframes. The AmazonBasics desk measures 51 inches across, and it feels even larger thanks to the raised laptop shelf.

Mr. IronStone L-shaped desk

gaming desk mr ironstone

If you prefer a multi-monitor setup or you want to bring both PC and console gaming to your desk, you might want to invest in an L-shaped unit. This option from Mr. IronStone doesn’t come with many bells or whistles, but it does offer an incredible amount of space. Each panel measures 51-inches across, and the two are connected by an 18-inch square. You’ll easily have enough room for everything you need, and you can elevate your laptop on the built-in shelf.

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Eureka Captain series

gaming desk eureka captain

Eureka is back on our list, but this time it’s with the Captain desk. Just like true military rankings, the Captain desk slots in above the Colonel, measuring at a full 60-inches across. You can stash two pairs of headphones on the built-in hooks. Additionally, this beast can hold up to 200 pounds. While there’s no RGB feature, the four-USB charging port is a nice touch, and the T-shaped legs should provide plenty of security for your battle station.

GreenForest L-shaped desk

gaming desk greenforest

If the Mr. IronStone L-shaped desk wasn’t right for you, this option from GreenForest might make a worthy alternative. It’s smaller than the Mr. IronStone desk, and it measures at 39-inches on the longest side. You’ll have to get creative to store all of your gaming peripherals, but the added desktop real estate should provide the space you need.

Eureka Gaming Z60 desk

gaming desk eureka z60

The last gaming desk on our list is yet another option from Eureka Gaming. Eureka’s Z60 is a monster of a desk, measuring 60-inches wide by 24-inches deep. It packs dynamic RGB lighting that you can adjust yourself, and the Z-shaped legs offer plenty of stability. You’ll have to buy your accessories separately, but the cable management system, included mousepad, and armor system around the edges are nice touches.


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