The best gaming monitor 2020: the 10 best gaming screens of the year


For both casual and competitive gaming, only the best gaming monitor is good enough. A monitor is among the most important peripherals out there. And, you need an excellent one designed specifically for gaming to get the most out of your gaming PC and experience the best PC games the way they were meant to be experienced. Simply put, they bring PC games alive in a way that an average monitor simply can’t. 

The best gaming monitors boast fast refresh rates and colors that are just as vibrant as they are accurate. That’s on top of delivering the highest resolutions. Before you go out and buy the priciest one you budget can afford, however, bear in mind that different monitors are suited for different purposes – much like the best graphics card and the best processor. Esports gamers, for example, need a monitor with an incredibly quick refresh rate, while gamers who love Red Dead Redemption 2 would want something with a higher resolution or HDR capabilities.

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