The best gaming PC 2020: top desktops for PC gamers



Invest in one of the best gaming PCs if you’re looking for something that can boot up and run graphics-intensive AAA games without breaking a sweat. While any gaming PC is capable of seeing you through your favorite PC games, only the best ones are armed with the most capable Nvidia Turing or AMD Navi cards and Intel Comet Lake processors for the most immersive gaming experiences. 

The best gaming PCs are practically battlestations and more powerful than ever before. With the best PC games pushing the boundaries of what a truly engaging and immersive title means, only such computers have the muscle serious enough to handle them. More powerful than the best laptops out there while also staying affordable – thanks to the best processors and best graphics cards now touting competitive price tags – these PCs for gaming have more than enough juice to let you get the most of these games. 


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