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The eighth-generation iPad (2020) has landed, providing a great Apple tablet experience at a low price. It features possibly the best software you can find on any make of tablet anywhere, while its long-lasting battery and vast ecosystem of useful apps will certainly please the vast majority of users. It also boasts a very clear and colorful 10.2-inch display, which is satisfyingly rich and vibrant despite not being quite as sharp as the screen you can find on an iPad Pro. However, like any other touchscreen, it can be liable to crack if you accidentally drop or hit it.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the five best iPad (2020) screen protectors you can buy right now. These will keep the iPad’s pretty display in one piece, while they’ll also retain the screen’s responsiveness and detail.

JETech Glass Screen Protectors

JETech Screen Protector for iPad 8 (2020)

Sold in a pack of two, the JETech Screen Protector for iPad (2020) boasts all the specs you’ll need from a protector. It’s made of glass with a hardness rating of 9H, which means it will resist the vast majority of scratches without so much as picking up a single blemish. Its tempered glass is also very thin at only 0.33m, allowing it to provide 100% transparency and a high level of responsiveness. The protector is also fingerprint-resistant and dust-resistant, while it has been designed for easy, bubble-free installation, given that it also comes with a guide stick. Highly recommended.

Apiker Glass Screen Protectors

Apiker Screen Protector for 8th Generation 10.2-Inch iPad (2020)

Also sold in a pack of two, the Apiker Screen Protector is another user-friendly and highly-reliable protector for the iPad (2020). It comes with a 9H hardness rating, providing your iPad with the fullest resistance against scratches and cracks that’s possible with tempered glass. It’s also extremely thin, with its 0.3mm thickness ensuring that it doesn’t affect the functionality of the touchscreen or interfere with how you use the Apple Pencil (if you have one). This also gives it 99% HD clarity and 99% transparency, while the hydrophobic coating protects your iPad from water and fingerprints. It helpfully comes with an alignment frame, making it easier for you to apply it properly.

Supershieldz Film Screen Protectors

Supershieldz Screen Protector for Apple iPad 10.2 inch (2020:2019, 8th:7th Generation)

Here’s a screen protector for the iPad (2020) that comes in a high-value pack of three. It’s not quite as hard as other protectors on this list, given that it’s made of PET film rather than tempered glass. However, it will still protect the iPad from the vast majority of abuse you’re likely to hurl at it. The fact that it’s made of plastic rather than glass also means that it’s more transparent and sensitive than other protectors, allowing you to continue using your iPad as if it weren’t even there. Be warned, though, that some buyers have warned of the difficulty of applying this protector (at least in comparison to other products), with the use of PET film increasing the chances of bubbles if you don’t install it carefully enough.

Omoton Glass Screen Protectors

Omoton Screen Protector for iPad 8th:7th Generation (10.2 Inch, iPad 2020:2019)

Omoton’s Screen Protector for the iPad (2020) is the thinnest protector on this list that’s made of glass. At a thickness of only 0.26mm, it provides pretty much the maximum possible amount of transparency and responsiveness you could hope to find from a glass protector, ensuring full compatibility with the Apple Pencil. Not only that, but with a 9H hardness rating, it will guard your iPad against everyday damage. Unlike some protectors, it lacks a hole for the selfie camera, something that should help to protect the camera from dust and debris. It also has a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, making it resistant to water and fingerprint smudges. As for anyone worried about installation, it’s designed to be bubble-free, while its slightly rounded edges make it easier to hold it while applying it to the iPad. Comes in a pack of two.

ZoneFoker Glass Screen Protectors

ZoneFoker iPad 8th Generation Screen Protector (10.2-inch, 2020)

Rounding off this list, we have ZoneFoker with its iPad (2020) screen protector. Sold in a pack of two, it’s another piece of tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating, making it capable of resisting scratches from hard objects such as keys and knives. It also offers 99.99% transparency, ensuring that the iPad’s screen doesn’t lose any of its luster or color, while ZoneFoker also claims that it’s smoother than other protectors. One other nice feature is that it allows for repeat installation, meaning that if you have a bubble when first applying the protector, you can remove it and try again. Like other protectors on this list, it’s also hydrophobic and oleophobic. Very recommended, and also well-reviewed online.

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