The best memes from GTA VI leaks


Something quite unusual happened in the video game industry yesterday, mainly because of the next big project Rockstar Games, GTA VIse strainer With everything and gameplay. In total, there were over 90 short videos released, and although many didn’t think it was real, the opposite actually happened.

Now that everything is relatively calm, users did not miss the opportunity to express their opinion, so they left quite funny pictures on social networks about the accident, from a fired employee to a strong alarm.

Here you can check them:

I just saw some GTA VI leaks. I really hope we can keep this character in the final version.

Probably my last meme about the GTA VI leak.

Damn, those GTA VI leaks look so cool!

This GTA VI leak is hard

The level of memes about GTA VI leaks…is more entertaining than any TV show I’ve seen this year, lol.

Rockstar removes all existing GTA VI leaks

I can’t imagine what’s going on at Rockstar Games HQ after the GTA VI leak.

Remember that GTA VI Currently under development.

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