The best PC case 2020: top cases for your desktop computer



There’s more to the best PC cases than just showcasing what’s inside. When you put together your battle station to go toe-to-toe with the best gaming PCs, you probably will want to do just that. You might even want to throw in some RGB lighting as well. But what’s as important if not more to showing off those top of the line internals is making sure they’re safe.

The best PC cases are able to do both. They let you see that latest GPU and the liquid cooler you sprung for. But, they also protect all your components, keeping them safe from dust and offering proper ventilation to keep them all cool. Not to mention, quality cases provide space for expanding and upgrading your PC. Don’t underestimate a good case. After all, you spent plenty of your hard earned money on the best processors, the best graphics cards, the right storage, and probably as much RAM as you can fit in there. Why not give them a proper home.


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