The best PC case 2020: top cases for your desktop computer



The best PC case is more than just for decking out your rig. Sure, part of building a mighty gaming PC to rival some of the best gaming PCs out there and with awesome RGB lighting to boot is your right to show it all off. At the same time, powerful high-end internals aren’t only worth showcasing; more importantly, they’re worth protecting to ensure their longevity. 

That’s where the best PC cases come in. They’re not just for making those badass internals look good. They also serve as both shelter and protection for your internals, keeping your components cool, temperature-wise, while offering a bit of extra room for future upgrades and expansions. So, if you’ve already invested a lot of time and money getting the best processors and the best graphics cards, as well as the right storage and RAM, you should shell out just a bit more to keep them safe.


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