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The Samsung Galaxy Fold has created a new category for smartphones: The foldable tablet phone. This means that manufacturers had to scurry to make cases and covers to protect this unusual design. 

The best cases and covers for the Galaxy Fold need to accommodate the flexibility of the device. They also need to be protective, lightweight, and manageable in size. Since this device is so new, there aren’t many options available, but we found several good ones.

Otterbox Symmetry Series Flex

While the Galaxy Fold is unlikely to get confused for many other phones, it’s still nice not to have to hide it behind thick plastic. Otterbox’s Symmetry Series Flex is completely clear and allows you to show off your expensive phone to the world. It’s still protective though, being made from hard polycarbonate and shock-absorbent TPU. It will resist scratches, dirt, and smudgy fingerprints, while also providing good protection against drops and everyday hazards. On the minus side, while the two-part build protects the front and back of the phone, there’s no protection for the spine, which could be a turn off for those wanting complete coverage. It’s also very expensive.

Spigen Thin Fit

If sleek, thin protection is preferable, Spigen’s Thin Fit case may be perfect for you. It’s made from thin but strong polycarbonate, and clips easily onto your phone. The tough material will deflect scratches and other such hazards, but it probably won’t fare as well against drops as a more absorbent material would. But even with that in mind, Spigen’s case is an excellent choice. The polycarbonate has special non-slip pads so you don’t drop your investment, and the sleek build means you can keep using wireless charging. On the minus side, there’s no spine protection, and the areas around the buttons are also bare, leaving them open to scratches. Still, it’s not a bad price and it looks and feels great.

$50 from Spigen

iCoverCase Card Slot Case

The Samsung Galaxy Fold can add some heft in your pocket, and adding a wallet makes it more uncomfortable. Enter the Card Slot case by iCoverCase. The case offers a slim and elegant look for your Galaxy Fold with its genuine leather design. And the built-in card slot on the back adds the functionality that you’d get from a normal wallet. While the slot can only hold one card, it will be just enough for those who usually rely on mobile payments — which the Galaxy Fold is capable of. Priced under $30, this is an affordable accessory that will give your $2,000 smartphone more grip and functionality.

Noreve Leather Cover

Fancy something a little more luxurious than plastic? Leather is the premium material of choice for many, and Noreve makes some of the best. Noreve’s leather cover is made from top quality handcrafted leather that provides protection while also looking and feeling incredible. It’s a slim design but has padding for comfort, and it clips simply onto your phone’s frame. It’s also highly customizable; for a fee, Noreve will change the color, add a custom engraving, and even gift wrap it if you’re sending it to a special someone. Of course, those don’t come cheap, and the price listed below is just the starting point. There’s also no spine protection, which is a downside.

UAG Monarch Series

UAG knows protection, and the Monarch series for the Galaxy Fold is proof of that. The soft felt-lined interior and impact-resistant core help to keep your expensive phone safe from drops and bumps, while the honeycomb pattern lends grip to your fingertips. There’s extreme protection for the spine built-in, ensuring that the most precious and vulnerable area is safe, and while open, the spine becomes a hand-hold, which makes using the unfolded phone a lot easier. The downside to that spine protection is your phone won’t lay completely flat on level surfaces. However, if you consider how much you paid for that Samsung Galaxy to begin with, dishing out a little extra cash for better protection might be worth it.

Official Samsung Genuine Leather Case

What better case to protect your phone than one that’s made by Samsung? Although their selection isn’t too large, this genuine leather case is an immediate standout. It’s made from sumptuous calfskin leather. As a result, it’s soft and grippy, but still provides a toughness that will keep your phone protected against bumps, drops, and scratches. It’s thin and sleek, and it unquestionably adds a certain executive style to your already stylish phone. There’s no spine protection, which leaves that vulnerable area exposed, and the R.R.P. of $130 is extremely high, but if you can afford it, Samsung’s cover offers a great blend of protection and style.

[/cc-placement] $130 from Samsung

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