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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a 6.4-inch screen with an AMOLED display. The quality of the image and color accuracy are two features that make the Galaxy Note 9 stand out from other phones, even though it isn’t the newest model.

With its premium glass and metal build, the last thing you want is for the screen to be damaged. Accidents happen, which is why it is so essential to protect the screen with the best cover. If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, investing in a screen protector will ensure that you keep getting the stunning image quality that sets this phone apart. A screen protector is a simple accessory that prevents scratches and other issues that can affect your display.

We’ve found several top screen protectors that keep dirt and grime off of the device. Several of them also prevent the screen from cracking if you drop it. 

RhinoShield Impact Flex Protector

Film isn’t traditionally seen as being as protective as glass, but RhinoShield wants to be the company that changes that. According to the company’s boasts, the Impact Flex is capable of taking 4x more impact energy than Gorilla Glass 3, despite only being a single sheet of printer paper thick. It’s not just strong though, and the Impact Flex also resists fingerprints and greasy smears with an oleophobic coating and is scratch-resistant. While it’s expensive for film, it’s a strong choice.

AmFilm Glass Screen Protector

There’s an abundance of tempered glass screen protectors available for purchase, but the AmFilm sits among the top when it comes to quality and ease of installation. Applying a screen protector is made easy with the included installation tray that ensures a perfect alignment every time. The tempered glass is well built with an oleophobic coating that prevents your fingers from leaving smudges and grease marks, and a clever dot matrix interior that prevents bubbles from forming underneath. For only $11, the AmFilm Glass Screen Protector is well worth the money.

Olixar EasyFit Glass Protector

Installing a screen protector is one of the more tiresome tasks associated with protection, and Olixar is determined to streamline that process. The EasyFit protector is made from tempered glass and is tough without impairing clarity or touch-sensitivity, but the real draw comes from the installation kit that comes with it. Simply attach the installation frame to your Note 9, and the frame guides your screen protector into place. Extremely easy, even if it is on the more expensive side.

Peel Glass Screen Protector

If you’re using a super-thin Peel case, then you’ll want a screen protector to match. This tempered glass screen protector is hard and protective, guarding against scratches, bumps, and drops. But the real draw here is how well it works with Peel’s cases. Peel’s cases are built to add protection to your phone without adding distracting designs or bulk, and this screen protector is built to match it, fitting perfectly into the case’s edges, leaving no jutting edges. It’s thin, feels like your phone’s own display glass, and matches the Note 9’s color schemes. A very good choice if you hate being reminded that you have a screen protector on your phone.

InvisibleShield Ultra Privacy Film Protector

Dislike feeling as if people are reading over your shoulder? Get a privacy-protecting screen protector. This protector from InvisibleShield functions much like the BodyGuardz Privacy protector below, but uses film instead of glass, making it a better choice for anyone who doesn’t like the thickness of glass. That thinness and flexibility does mean that it’s less protective than glass, but the privacy measures really stand out. Apply this protector and your screen fades out to black when viewed from an angle, making it harder for snoopers to read. However, it will reduce the brightness of your screen when applied, and it’s also extremely expensive. A niche option then, but a good one.

ArmorSuit Case-Friendly Film Protector

Finding a case that won’t loosen or worse yet lift up your screen protector can be troublesome. That’s why the ArmorSuit film protector is case-friendly and compatible with most accessories and covers. The ultra HD clear material allows you to enjoy your mobile content without any distracting residue or discoloration on the screen. It even has self-healing properties to close up small scratches. A wet installation method means it adheres well to the screen, and it’s not too expensive either.

Whitestone Dome Full Cover

When it comes to getting completely covered and seamless screen protection, Whitestone Dome is always near the top of our list. The Whitestone Dome screen protector is made from scratch-resistant tempered glass that curves to fit your screen. It has also been treated with an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprints and oily marks. However, the most important part isn’t the protector itself, but the application method, which puts a layer of liquid glass between the protector and your Note 9’s display. When cured by the UV lamp, this gives a close and tight fit, ensuring that no touch sensitivity or clarity is lost. It’s expensive, but it’s one of the best screen protectors you can get.

Spigen NeoFlex

For those looking for something more subtle, Spigen makes the NeoFlex screen protector. Offered in a pack of two, the NeoFlex uses a liquid spray application that saves you the time and effort of applying a traditional film protector. You can apply the screen protector with a case on without fear of it being lifted off. The clear-cut precision of the NeoFlex offers full-screen protection while leaving just enough space for the front-facing camera and iris scanner. Have trouble installing? Spigen has an installation video you can access through the QR code on the package.

Otterbox Alpha Glass

Otterbox’s cases are some of the hardiest cases around, and its options for screen protection live up to the same reputation. You’ll find tempered glass here, with scratch-resistance and a special coating that stops the protector from shattering when broken, so you won’t need to pick broken glass off the floor. It’s super-hard, and Otterbox has also worked hard to ensure it’s clear and doesn’t impinge on your Note 9’s touch sensitivity. The Alpha Glass is on the expensive side, but it’s a great choice to pair with one of Otterbox’s own cases.

Skinomi TechSkin — Twin Pack

We’ve listed some of the best brands on the market in this list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great screen protector from elsewhere. It’s made from a clear, flexible film that’s also used to coat luxury cars, military aircraft, and even the NASA space shuttle. That’s quite the family link, and it’s probably that which spurs Skinomi to claim the TechSkin is the toughest film protector on the market. It’s treated to resist any yellowing due to age, and it’s also self-healing, so any minor scratches should disappear. It’s cheap but effective — and you also get two for the price, making this an excellent choice.

Ringke Dual Easy Full Cover Screen Protector

Ease is the name of the game for Ringke’s Dual Easy film protector, and with a unique approach to application and dust removal, it seems Ringke has succeeded. The Dual Easy screen protector comes with an extra layer of adhesive film which acts as an automatic dust removal tool. Press this down and it will ensure you have a clear screen; it can then be removed quickly and easily as the real screen protector is applied. A squeegee also ensures no air bubbles are trapped underneath the protector, making sure you get a flawless fit. It’s case compatible when applied, so the edges won’t lift off, and the twin pack means it’s not bad value either.

BodyGuardz Pure Arc

The Note 9 packs high-end specs in a premium body, and you can now get a bodyguard for it. The BodyGuardz Pure Arc is affordable and bundled with all the tools you’ll need to apply the screen protector perfectly. For less than $6, you’re getting an ultra-thin tempered glass shield that’s clear and coated with anti-smudge layering that gives off a matte texture. If that’s still not enough to impress you, you can always take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee, and the lifetime replacement plan that comes included. 

LiQuid Shield Max Coverage

Last, but certainly not least — IQ Shield’s LiQuid Shield protector is another film protector that molds around your device to provide a perfect fit. However, it’s got a few tricks up its sleeve, including a four-layer construction, comprising an anti-yellowing layer, a clear layer for transparency, a tough protective layer, and a layer of advanced adhesive that ensures a tight fit to your Note 9. Unlike some screen protectors, which are impossible to miss, LiQuid claims this one is nearly invisible to the naked eye. It’s reasonably priced, and if there’s a defect with the protector, it does come with a replacement plan too. 

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