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The Samsung Galaxy S20 range may be the newest S-range on the block, but that doesn’t mean that last year’s Galaxy S10 line is the second-best option. With enough power to run anything you throw at them and good looks to turn heads for years to come, the Galaxy S10 line is still a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a new smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S10e is the smallest and cheapest of the S10 line, but it packs the same level of high performance as its bigger brethren. Plus, the dual-camera system produces some exceptional shots.

In order to serve you faithfully, it’s going to need some protection. Smartphones risk a lot of everyday damage, and even the hardiest of phones can risk broken screens, scuffs, and device-ending drops. While you can’t keep your device protected against everything, a protective case can reduce the damage from impacts and scratches, making it more likely your phone makes it to your next upgrade. Here’s a list of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S10e.

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Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case

The Galaxy S10e’s 3,100mAh battery is enough to get you through the day, but if you want a little extra power, then a battery case is a great choice. The Juice Pack from Mophie is one of the best battery cases you can buy and adds an additional 2,000mAh. It’s slim — for a battery case — and you can charge your phone with the case on. Additional features mean your phone is charged before the case when you plug in, and it’s also fully compatible with wireless chargers. The tough polycarbonate shell also adds protection from drops and falls — though it might be best not to rely on this to be the most rugged of cases since it also contains a battery.

$40 from Mophie

Noreve Leather Wallet Case

We love the utility and style offered by a good wallet case, and Noreve offers some of the best around. Crafted in Saint-Tropez, each Noreve case can be customized to your needs, and you can select from the smooth Perpetuelle leather all the way to the sumptuous addiction Saffiano leather. Of course, choosing more luxurious materials and colors will mean a high price, but Noreve’s website can instantly tell you the price of your chosen elements. Noreve’s cases are expensive from the start, but they’re beautiful and extremely stylish, and they come with room for spare cash or cards in the inside of the cover.

Peel Super Thin Case

Not a fan of bulky cases? Peel’s cases are so thin you can see through them, making them some of the thinnest cases around. These cases are sleek and minimalist, lacking even the Peel branding. The result is a case that doesn’t distract from your device, and adds some protection from dirt, dust, and minor scratches. Of course, there’s an obvious downside to this lightweight case — it’s not going to do very much to protect against damage from drops, bumps, and more serious scratches. There’s also precious little else to justify the case’s relatively high price, but if you want just a little extra protection without adding bulk, Peel’s cases may be the best choice.

Ringke Fusion-X DDP

No-one could ever accuse Ringke of not having its own style. The Fusion-X DDP case is a protective case that’s hard to miss, despite the semitransparent gray camouflage pattern on the rear polycarbonate panel. The prominent bumpers are made from shock-absorbent TPU, and come with additional reinforcements to further guard against dangerous drops. It’s MIL-STD 810G — 516.6 Certified, and has raised bezels to further protect the screen and camera lenses. Finally, there’s also a hole for a lanyard. While the design may divide opinion, this case provides excellent protection for the price.

Ghostek Nautical2 Waterproof Case

The Galaxy S10e has an already impressive IP68-rating for water-resistance, but if you want to really waterproof your phone, Ghostek provides a relatively inexpensive way to do so. The Nautical2 case may look a little odd due to the dent for the fingerprint scanner, but its specs speak for themselves. Slapping this onto your phone gives it the ability to submerge up to 20 feet for up to an hour, adding significantly more to the device’s already strong waterproofing. It’s tough too, using hard polycarbonate and absorbent TPU to protect against drops, bumps, and more — while the screen is protected by the built-in screen protector. All without impeding wireless charging or Wireless PowerShare.

Tech21 Pure Print Liberty Strawberry Thief

What do you get when you combine Liberty London’s style with Tech21’s expertly made protective cases? You get an excellent case that also looks good. Tech21 has created several cases with Liberty London, but the Strawberry Thief is our favorite. Created in 1883 as a furnishing pattern, Strawberry Thief has been a Liberty favorite ever since, and it lends a real beauty that complements your phone’s sleek style. It uses Tech21’s Bulletshield material, so it’s very protective, with drop protection tested up to 10 feet (3 meters). Unfortunately, it’s not the cheapest case around by a long way — but looking this good is worth it.

Moment Photography Case

The Samsung Galaxy S10e has a strong camera, so why not buy a case that will take advantage of that? This case connects with Moment’s range of high-quality lenses, so you can add a fish eye effect, zoom in with a telephoto lens, or get in close with a macro lens. Each lens is expensive, but don’t let that put you off the case in the first place. It’s made from TPU, so resists drops and bumps quite well, and there’s a loop for a lanyard as well. The TPU is grippy too, making it easy to keep a hold of while you get into those awkward angles for a shot. While it’s expensive, it’s a must if you’re interested in Moment’s lenses.

$20 from Moment

Speck Presidio Grip

For a marriage of style and substance, the Presidio Grip case by Speck is perfect. This tough blend of hard polycarbonate with flexible TPE to absorb shock will prevent drop damage, even from falls of up to 10 feet, and a raised lip goes all the way around that precious screen. To aid your grip and provide a stylish flourish, rubber strips run across the back and sides. The openings are precise, the button covers are big and easy to find without looking, and wireless charging works just fine with the case on.

UAG Monarch Case

You get rugged protection in an eye-catching package with the Monarch case from Urban Armor Gear. This case is every bit as tough as it looks, combining five layers to ensure your Galaxy S10e is covered from every angle. Leather panels and the metallic frame give it a dramatic look, while the impact-resistant core and reinforced corners ensure drops are nothing to fear. This case exceeds military drop-test standards. The openings are generous, there are big, responsive button covers, and it doesn’t interfere with wireless charging. We like the black version, but you can get it in crimson or with carbon fiber panels instead of leather.

Incipio NGP

This slim case is ideal for basic protection and won’t interfere with any of your Galaxy S10e’s functions. It’s made from Incipio’s Flex2O material which enhances grip and guards against minor drops from up to 3 feet. There’s a raised bezel around the screen, accurate cutouts, and tactile button covers. The top two-thirds of the back are translucent, allowing you to see Samsung’s design, and a matte finish on the bottom adds some style. This case comes in clear, black, or pink varieties.

Pelican Voyager Case

If you want really solid protection, the four-layer Pelican Voyager case could be a good bet. It promises your Galaxy S10e will emerge unscathed from the usual falls — it has been tested and is guaranteed to survive at least 26 times dropped from 4 feet. This is a chunky case and it extends a protective frame around the screen of your S10e. It comes with a detachable holster with a kickstand and swiveling belt clip. The plain black version has some simple lines for an understated style, and there’s also a clear and gray version, though these aren’t the best-looking cases around, focused as they are on protection.

Otterbox Commuter Series Case

This two-layer case isn’t the most protective that Otterbox offers, but it should still keep your S10e safe from harm and it’s less bulky and restrictive than cases like the Defender. You’ll find well-defined button covers, textured sides for enhanced grip, raised bezels to protect the screen, port covers, and accurate openings. It comes in plain black or a couple of two-tone color combinations. As it’s an Otterbox case you do get a lifetime warranty with it.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

It can be frustrating to cover up your gorgeous new phone with a plastic case, so you may prefer to choose a slim, clear option that won’t obscure Samsung’s design. Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid case combines a polycarbonate back panel with a flexible TPU bumper that will take the sting out of bumps and minor drops. There are good button covers and generous openings, so you’ll have no trouble plugging in different charging cables. Wireless charging is also unaffected by this case. The protection is completed by a raised bezel that safeguards the screen. This case comes in a crystal clear version or a black version with a matte finish on the bumper and a translucent tint on the back.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Hybrid Case

Better known for solid, rugged protection at affordable prices, Supcase has branched out with a new case line that’s much more stylish. It combines a clear polycarbonate back with a flexible TPU bumper to provide decent drop protection without adding too much bulk. The rounded bumper extends front and back to stop the screen or back panel from touching down on surfaces. You’ll also find accurate cutouts. The only thing we’re not so keen on is the flush volume buttons as they don’t really stand out at all. If you don’t like the purple and pink versions, there’s a black and gray option.

Caseology Parallax Case

This is a familiar combination of flexible TPU and hard polycarbonate, but Caseology has added some serious visual flair with an eye-catching geometric pattern on the back. The hard, rounded bumper adds rigidity, the shell inside absorbs shock, and there are accurate openings. The button covers are also pronounced, so they’re easy to find and use without looking. With air cushions in the corners and a raised lip around the screen, this case should guard against drop damage quite effectively.

Samsung S-View Flip Case

This official Galaxy S10e case is overpriced, but it’s undeniably cool. The flip cover opens like a book, and when closed you can see the time, date, remaining battery, and new notifications — you can even tap and swipe to pick up incoming calls or control music without opening the cover. Your S10e sits in a protective shell with a glossy, rounded finish that makes it comfortable to hold. There are very generous openings for everything and it won’t interfere with wireless charging. This case is also very slim for a folio-style case, but we think drop protection will be quite limited. It comes in black, white, or yellow.

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