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Smart lamps are an awesome way to harness the power of Alexa, Google Home, and other voice assistants to control and customize the lighting in your home. By connecting your new lamp to Wi-Fi, you can choose multiple bulb colors, set schedules and scene options, and even adjust lighting on-the-go.

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From the pioneers of smart lighting to some new and inventive brands, here are our picks for the best smart lamps of 2020.

Philips Hue Bloom Smart Table Lamp

Want to light up your home while also adding a bit of color? This smart table lamp is part of the Philips Hue line, which is well known among smart home enthusiasts who enjoy the brand’s endlessly colorful lighting solutions.

This lamp is the perfect size for a desk or nightstand, as it’s only 5 inches in diameter. You can easily tuck it away on a corner of the table or even hide it behind a television. It can produce millions of different colors, and you can sync it up to your Alexa-enabled or Google Assistant-enabled devices, or the Philips Hue app, and control the lamp with your voice. The lamp can also be synced with your favorite songs, movies, and video games, adding a whole new dimension to your favorite entertainment.

WiZ Smart LED Hero Table Lamp

Screenshot of the WiZ Smart LED Lamp

This smart lamp by WiZ has such a modern design that it will look equally at home on your end table, TV stand, or office desk. The 7-inch-tall design is an ideal size for most rooms. What makes this lamp super-cool is its ability to change colors during certain events. For example, you can program the lamp to automatically shine blue when it starts to rain outside. You can also set it to yellow when bedtime is approaching by creating a light schedule using the app.

You can use the app to turn the lamp on and off, which means if you’re getting ready for bed and realize you forgot to turn off the lamp, you won’t even have to get up. The lamp does not need a hub or bridge, although you are free to sync it up to your Amazon Echo or Google Home device if you wish to. Going on vacation? Use vacation mode, which will turn the lamp on if you want to give the impression that someone’s home while you’re away.

Philips Hue White Ambiance Wellness Table Lamp

The lighting of a room can really affect its vibe. That’s why Philips created this wellness lamp, which can help create a calm work environment where you can focus and be productive. The lamp comes with a Hue White Ambiance bulb that can produce 50,000 different shades of white, and the brushed aluminum looks modern and calming anywhere from your bedroom to your office.

Whether you’re trying to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation, a meditation session, or some focused studying, this lamp has presets for every occasion, mood, and need. Want to create a more fun vibe? Simply swap out the bulb for a color Hue bulb, and you can program the lamp to produce thousands of different colors.

The C by GE Sol Smart Lamp

The C by GE Sol Smart Lamp is just as futuristic as it looks, with a smart speaker built right into it. The lamp has Amazon Alexa onboard, so you can turn the lamp on and off with your voice, and even use it to set timers, check the weather report, and play music.

With plenty of different colored lighting choices, you can easily select the perfect shade for your mood and use lighting colors to promote a better sleep cycle. Sol is compatible with a wide range of other smart home devices, so you can have a truly connected home. This lamp isn’t small — it’s about the size and diameter of a basketball — unlike some of the other more compact devices on this list. So, be sure you have enough room for it in your space.

Napatek Smart LED Desk Lamp

This 64 LED desk lamp by Napatek is a charmer to look at and offers voice support for both Alexa and Google Home commands. The lamp easily understands prompts like “turn on the lamp” and “lower the brightness” and performs them quickly. You can also download the Napatek app (for both iOS and Android) to easily control the lighting when you’re away from your home or office. You can turn the lamp on and off, set schedules, choose between three different color modes and six lighting levels, and switch it to candle mode for peaceful nighttime hues.

We love that the base of the Napatek is actually a 10W Qi charging dock. If you place your phone on the deck, you’ll receive a quick and speedy battery boost (phones must be wireless-charge enabled). The icing on the cake? The lamp features a 30-minute automatic timer, a great little feature for those of us who always forget to turn the lights off when we leave the room.

Aukey Touch RGB Lamp

Aukey RGB Table Lamp tabletop, product still

This 360-degree bedside lamp from Aukey is one of the coolest lamps to play around with on this list. For starters, each of the three main lighting functions is controlled by touching the aluminum base. One tap turns on the light, a second tap allows you to adjust the brightness, and one long-press lets you change the bulb color. The warm white light and color modes are each rich and vibrant, bringing life to rooms that need it. Before bed, set the lamp to blue for a calming hue to wake to in the morning. Or, if you’re stuck indoors, set it to green to bring a more natural, earthly presence to your living space. If you’d rather let the lamp do the choosing for you, there’s an Auto-Cycle mode, too.

At 3.94 inches wide and 8.5 inches tall, the Aukey is not much bigger than an Amazon Echo speaker, making it easy to unplug it and move the lamp from room to room. Once in a while, the power cord can be a bit uncooperative if the lamp is not positioned a certain way, but this issue is easily reprimanded by just turning the Aukey so that the cord isn’t shoved against walls or other surfaces.

Amazon Echo Glow

Compatible with any Echo device, this little globe of fun introduces some highly interactive and useful features that your kids are sure to dig. A built-in Rainbow Timer takes normal “set a timer for…” commands and transforms them into a multicolor light show.

As the timer counts down, the Glow changes color, a visual reminder for the kids to finish up playing or to get ready for school. The lamp can replicate a flickering campfire, pulsate like a siren bulb, and even disco it up when you tell Alexa to “start a dance party.” Worried about your child getting into inappropriate content? Subscribe to Amazon FreeTime to turn your Echo Glow into a kids-only zone of exclusive Amazon music and audiobooks.

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