The biggest Gotham Knights spoiler might be leaked




Something that usually happens in the world of video games is the constant leaks of some title when it is almost for worldwide release on various platforms. and now, WB Montreal A problem is in the middle, since some already know its supposed ending Gotham Knights Due to an art book.

Attention! Spoilers ahead.

The foundation tells us that batman Died in a terrorist explosion, along with his surrogate family Nightwing, Jason Todd, Robin and Batgirl, They are tasked with trying to regain control of the city, now that the Court of Justice is under siege. in death Bruce Wayne It was a matter of discussion and was discussed from the beginning. creative director Patrick Redding even in San Diego Comic Con 2022 One fan said that batman He was really dead.

However, the art book that was distributed before the game reveals that this is not the case. Screenshots circulating on the internet reveal that Bruce Resurrected at some point by Talia Al Ghul by using Lazarus Pete. An apparent battle with it goes into detail batman Where the user has to try to say something intelligent while using voice prompts to avoid attacks.

According to the fans who saw the leak, this is the case batman He died again trying to protect his surrogate family. Another is that he’s alive, which allows for some interesting late-game possibilities. nevertheless, Gotham Knights It’s not in-universe canon Batman: Arkham. So this character is considered as an alternate version.

Remember that Gotham Knights The next one opens October 21 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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