The Boys: happy_manek’s Starlight cosplay prepares us for Season 3 of the Amazon series


Season 3’s The boys And we offer you to pass the wait Starlight cosplay Signed Happy_manek Bright and shiny like the heroine of Amazon Prime video series.

Annie Januri, aka Starlight, is able to absorb the electricity emitted by any electrical device in the vicinity and then throws it at the unfortunate person on duty, emitting a blinding glow. At the beginning of the series, he fulfilled his dream of joining The Seven, the most powerful and most famous supergroup in the United States. Despite being motivated by good intentions, Annie will soon have to deal with the bitter truth: The members of The Seven have actually rotted away at the pay of the original and mega-corporation vote, more interested in profit than saving lives.

Happy_Manek’s cosplet is “shiny” like the original. As we can see in the post below on Instagram that the model is posing while using the electric power of Starlight, the post-production effects add extra character to the shot that never hurts. The costume is very faithful to the main character and is inspired by the short “feminist symbol” design imposed by Vought with the intention of making the heroine more attractive in the eyes of the public.

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