The Callisto protocol will feature ray tracing




So far, one of the most anticipated video games for this year callisto protocol, The delivery of terror is not responsible for what is building up, no more or less dead space. And now, it has been confirmed that this space adventure will feature Ray tracing As soon as they find the right way to implement them.

Its technical director Striking Distance Studio, Mark James, Confirmed in an interview IGN The game that will have these visual mods on the next generation of consoles will definitely be on pc with sufficient power. Mentioned that they had trouble achieving implementation of sharp shadows, due to its use Unreal Engine 4.

Here is his comment:

We realized that Unreal Engine 4 was limited to four shadow lights, so we first worked on modifying the engine to support more lights at a lower cost per light. We found that we had to create our own solutions for the number shadows we wanted to create. So we created a ray-traced hybrid shadow tool that applies detail to those areas of the screen that are important to the overall quality of the scene.

Added to this, the development team benefited from the new technologies of the consoles, as the GPU allowed them to do their magic on design and other technical issues. This also helps with the audio part, which will be essential for a video game setting.

Remember that Callisto protocol he comes December 2nd A PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Through: IGN



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