The Chinese model dazzled with her Makima cosplay from Chainsaw Man




The world of cosplay is something that continues to expand over the years, as anime becomes more famous, fans will want to dress up as their favorite characters. This is one of the great adaptations Chainsaw ManIt’s the same being with a solid fan base, there are even those who pay homage to it.

Such is the case known as cosplayers @_JimuzinWho put together his own outfit dedicated to this manga, with this character running away, which has captured people’s affections in no time. Her explanation includes features of the hairstyle, as well as the official-style uniform the girl wears, which also includes a tie.

Here are some photos:


For those who don’t know Chainsaw ManThis is its summary:

Denji is a poor young man who will do anything for money, even chasing demons with his evil dog Pochita. He is an ordinary man, with simple dreams, who is mired in a mountain of debt. But his miserable life is turned upside down when someone he trusts betrays him. Now, with the power of the devil inside, Denji welcomes a new man—’Chainsaw Man’!

Note that this anime is still airing Crunchyroll.

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Editor’s note: It’s impressive how fans find ways to pay so much attention to detail, which is why people who ask Patreon to pay to publish a complete set deserve that payment, as they must have spent hours creating the cosplay.


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