The creators of Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts teamed up on Kickstarter


It has been known for years that some video game developers take advantage of this Kickstarter This is thanks to the cooperation of interested parties, to finance their projects. And now, two great creators are like them Akifumi Kaneko (Wild Arms) and Matsuzo Machida (Shadow Hearts) A double page campaign has been teamed up.

This would allow fans to support two different games, it could be one Kaneko’s Armed Fantasy Machida’s Penny Blood, Which offers different and that many promises. It is worth mentioning that players can choose one or both projects and they will obviously benefit if they decide to become a sponsor of the game.

Armed Fantasia y Penny Blood They will share a mutual goal of $750,000, which will fund both games.

Here is what both said in an interview:

We will split the funding based on the amount supported, so it won’t be 50/50 for the initial goal.

However, if we hit that initial goal, hopefully enough people will watch the campaign and be interested in the content that eventually both titles will do well enough to support the minimum content required to make a good game.

The main connective tissue is that they are both games that JRPG fans love. It’s hard to say how many people have played both, but by combining the games into one campaign, the goal is to build awareness of the title.

Neither was as popular as Final Fantasy, so the two creators are helping each other in their efforts to make it a success.

Later the campaign started August 29. And as already mentioned, you can support one or both games.

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