The Deadly Duo reveals a meeting between Batman and the Joker Atomics


For nearly a century, batman And Joker’s mortal enemy who will fight until the end of time. However, it seems that this will change soon, as A new canon comic will show us an unexpected alliance between these two characters.

Recently its first trailer Batman and the Joker: The Deadly DuoA new seven-volume comic written by Mark Silvestri, as its name suggests, Batman and Joker must join forces to overcome an unexpected threat. The series is part of DC’s Black Label division, so the story is canon and focused on an adult audience. Silvestri commented on this:

“Deadly Duo is a police horror story. We begin with a dilemma in which the Joker finds himself. You definitely get the idea that something is going on here and that the prankster has something to do with it. Then we cut to Batman doing his Batman stuff. He is investigating a crime. He realizes that the Joker has done something that gives Batman no outlet, and by the end of the first issue, they are teammates. Hence the title, Deadly Duo.

Batman and the Joker are two of the world’s most iconic characters and have been at each other’s throats for over 80 years. I always thought it would be pretty entertaining to have them on the same side, so I wrote a story about it. Needless to say, things happen.”

Its first part Batman and the Joker: The Deadly Duo Will be available from November 1, 2022 onwards. In related matters, more details about the collaboration between Batman and Spawn have been revealed. Likewise, what Robin’s new outfit looks like.


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