The developer defends the Xbox Series S from criticism




Many think that consoles are one of the things that stop generations from moving forward Xbox Series Ssame as although it is not equal series X All in all, at least it can run good quality games. And now, a developer has come to its defense, saying it’s been called a lot of mean things in recent days.

its view Paul Luis Santos, Game Director Flux GamesResearch Cobra Kai 2: Dojo’s RisingOne that Series S This is not a problem, you just need to understand that it is slightly less powerful. But even with these details, it has enough technology to run the big games of our day

Here is his statement:

I think a customer buying a Series S is aware that it doesn’t have the same specs as a Series X, and that’s generally fine, so if it’s slightly different from its bigger sibling, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Powerful. That being said, I think the Series S in general should hold up for a long time, and with these technologies evolving so quickly, it’s very hard to predict how long their lifecycle will be.

It should not be forgotten that great games are coming 2023 They will arrive Xbox series come Also included here is neither more nor less Redfall y Starfield of Bethesda. So we will see if its younger sister series X To be able to keep fighting and give us a chance to try whatever comes our way the game pass

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Editor’s note: Despite everything against it, the Xbox Series S is a good console that many people have bought. So it would be a mistake to stop it, especially for all the public who are currently running it.


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