The director of The Callisto Protocol takes a self-critical look at the video game crisis




Something that seems to be common in the world of video games is the practice of crunching, which takes many hours of rest from developers in order to deliver a game’s golden phase on time. Even highly anticipated game choices Callisto protocol They suffer from it, and their manager regrets it.

Recently in an interview known as medium Dr opposite, Glenn SchofieldDirectly mentions that he regrets doing the crunch Striking Distance Studio, with work days of up to 15 hours. He admits it’s something that took away from the excitement of making a video game, but it turned into hours of extra exhaustion.

Here is his statement:

The truth is that I cracked. We are a small team and we behaved very well throughout development, but in the end I screwed up and we did more work than we should have. He walked away from us.

The social media response has been instructive and I hope it will be a catalyst for general change. I can tell you this, I’m going to make sure this doesn’t happen on our next project or any future project.

al final, Callisto protocol It will see the light of day on a date that was confirmed a few months ago December 2nd. for this PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Through: opposite


Publisher’s Note: Fortunately, efforts have been made to close the crunch issue, and some other games have suffered delays due to this, but it is something that is understood and even appreciated. Well, due to the crisis, many good talents have given up their studies.


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