The Division 2, trailer and details for stage 9: Alleanza Segreta



The Division 2 I saw 12 maggio il debutto della Stage 9: Alleanza Segretawhich Ubisoft has presented with a trailer e con i primi dettagli. The most readable stanzas in The Division 2: Warlords of New York.

Apparently not the same as in Stage 9 of The Division 2 with the intro with title update 15in concomitanza con la Modified PvE Conto alla Rovesciaand next to a new one cooperative For two geocators, but not alone.

“Un neovo nemico Arrive with Stage 9: The last staggering proceedings on the narrative line of the Division and reported to all agents seeking the attention of a commander of the Division, revelations un traditore “, if not the communications stamp.

“The new bursaglio è the Capitano Lewis and the Division deve raccogliere informations et fronteggiere quattro True Sons di alto livello prima di poterlo affrontare.

The Division 2, an agent in azione
The Division 2, an agent in azione

New model co-op with 8 giocators
As for Rovescia, it is a new, intensely moderate cooperative that has never seen such two agents from the Division vengo mandate to stabilize a central elixir: only 15 minutes to resolve the issue to avoid the whole block.

The agents and schizophrenia in two squadro of quattro, iniziano different positions sulla mappa and devono collaborare per superare la sfida. The division will have to deal with nemesis notices and will have defenses to ensure the first primaries of the central government to enter the squadrons of time.

Nuova caratteristica – Qualifica
The 12 maggio quests for a new function to introduce a new module to improve your equipments with advanced primer values ​​of statics like dan, armature and ability.

You can add your qualification using the quote item in Gioco: the more varied, the more you get the level. Qualitatively allows you to add statistical information to a single item and add a new limit to its potential.

New Army e Attrezzature
The latest compilation includes many new items compiled by Heartbreaker, new Exotic and much more! This Season Pass della Stagione 9 offers even more compassionate aggregation.

Twitch Drop
From 12 Maggio, all Twitch streamers on The Division 2 will be able to run and Twitch Drop: All spittatori rice will be highly compatible with the free live patronage in The Division 2. The compliment will include a Legacy Cache, due to High-End Cache and an Exotic Cache. . I drop the assignment to both of them (guard the glimpse of Division 2 per quatro ore for rice to the whole and drop).

Free Weekend
From the 13th to the 15th, The Division 2 will be free on Xbox Series X |


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