The DLCs that gave us closure when the base game couldn’t


WARNING: Contains spoilers for Mass Effect 3, Metro Exodus, and Frostpunk

Endings are difficult. When you have to tie up every loose end, answer every question, and offer a climactic payoff so players feel their actions were significant, it starts to stretch the boundaries of what a single game can accomplish. It’s no wonder that, almost paradoxically, epilogues in the form of DLC are often more impactful than their main game’s ending. In Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine, I found Geralt’s well-earned retirement to Toussaint far more satisfying and reflective than defeating the Wild Hunt. In Fallout: New Vegas’ Lonesome Road, I think Ulysses’ reflection on player choice and that “If war doesn’t change, men must change” elevates it beyond even the base game in terms of its meta significance to the Fallout series. 

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