The dubbing of The Adventures of Dai has been confirmed Atomics


A while ago it was confirmed that the new anime Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Die I will eventually dub the Latin into Spanish. Although not much information was shared at the time, Today it was finally revealed when it will happen.

According to the official Anime Onegai Twitter account, Next will be August 25, 2022 When we finally get a chance to listen to the anime Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Die In Latin American Spanish. All of these are available through the Anime Onegai service.

Although Anime Onegai offers several subscription options, Dubbing is available from $46.49 pesos per month or $464.90 pesos per year. That way, your wallet won’t suffer too much if you want to enjoy this favorite anime without reading the subtitles. Similarly, we note that it will cast:

-Claudia Motta as come on

Azul Valadez as Mam

-Hector Mena as Pop

– David Allende as Hunkel

Jessica Angeles as Princess Leona

– Ricardo Brust as Crocodin

Scarlett Mueller as Gom

-Manuel Campuzano as Avan

– Andres Garcia as Hadler

– Alejandro Villelli as Grandpa Blass

-Jesse Conde as Village Chief.

remember, Its Latin dubbed into Spanish Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Die Anime will be available on Onegai starting August 25, 2022. On a related note, there is already a release date Dragon Quest Treasures. Likewise, this was the series’ creator’s message on its anniversary.


Via: Anime Onegai

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