The Early Prime Day Deal saves you $ 449 on the Molekule Air Pro


Prime Day Coming This JulyBut that didn’t stop Amazon from releasing a ton Early Prime Day Deal. From technology to home appliances and everything in between, you can find lots of savings right now, including big ticket items Molecular Air Pro.

If you want to improve the air quality in your home, having an air purifier can help, and with this FDA-clear model, you can purify the air in private or professional places to keep away viruses and other allergens.

The Molekule Air Pro is a top-of-the-line air purifier currently available Selling on Amazon $ 449 discount from 1 1,199 list price, a 37% savings which brings the price down to just 750.

Air purifier Can relieve seasonal allergies and indoor air pollution, but this Air Pro Purifier is a big upgrade. It delivers three times better airflow than previous molecular consumer devices and features a particle sensor, a six-speed manual mode and two automatic protection modes. It can reduce the noise level at night so that you are safe even in your sleep, making it a good option even for large rooms in the house.

The Air Pro Air Purifier has unique PECO (photoelectrochemical oxidation) technology, which destroys pollen, mold bacteria, viruses and chemicals to keep your air clean. This is different from the HEPA-filtration system used in other air purifiers. However, it is FDA-clear as a 510 (k) Class II medical device.

With the capacity to purify up to 1,000 square feet, the Air Pro is intended for professional offices, lobbies and other large spaces. The app includes device information, filter status, and airborne particle levels.

If you don’t need coverage for such a large space, you can get molecules Air mini Instead now for 400. That’s ঞ্চ 99 a savings. It purifies up to 250 square feet. However, there were some imperfections at the time Our review This device, so be sure to familiarize yourself with something Criticism Over Efficacy Claim Before you buy.

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