The fire symbol engages memory released


Last week was a very important one for the fans Nintendo, is the direct reason for the recent offering of many advertisements related to various franchises of this brand. And without a doubt, the most important one was its revelation Fire Emblem EngageA game that promises to be one of the most ambitious releases to date

And now that the matter is on everyone’s lips, the weight of the video game has already been confirmed, it is for those who are planning to get the video game in the first seconds of its release on the digital store. It is neither more nor less than the heaviest game in the story switchSince it will be 15 GB that the most enthusiastic will download.

For comparison, the previous launch of the main linel Fire symbol: three houses It occupies about 11.6 GB of space. For its part, the most recent spin-off Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Its file size is 13.4 GB. So users expect this next installment to look better than before because of all these places.

engage Like letters will look back Marth, Lynn and Celica Including some new characters including new hero Already, with red and blue hair. These heroes will unite in a new day of strategic turn-based combat to face new threats.

Note that the game will launch Switch on January 20.

Through: Nintendo Life


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