The first details of No Man’s Sky’s Leviathan expedition update, live today



Hello! It is a great pleasure for us to see our No Man’s Sky PlayStation community embrace their inner space pirates and prove their worth on The Blight as part of last month’s Outlaw Update and Expedition. Today we are delighted to unveil our 7th expedition – Leviathan. And this one is a little different

The first details of No Man's Sky's Leviathan expedition update, live today

Survival Hall is the front and center of Expedition 7 because travelers are challenged to escape a mysterious time-loop curse. Even Nada and Polo do not know the cause of this temporary abnormality, but all sources indicate a link with a great space creature, Leviathan.

Unlike previous campaigns, and in a rogue style, death never seemed so far away. With each death some distinct progress is reset, but each effort counts towards expert polo time-loop research and brings liberation closer.

In addition, each avatar presents another opportunity to contribute to the polo effort with a systematically created loadout, the quality of which increases as the community effort is created.

Will the combined strength of No Man’s Sky Travelers help Polo restore space-time balance, lift the curse, and restore peace with Leviathan?

We would like to think that the No Man’s Sky Expeditions are characteristically generous in their rewards and the Leviathan Expeditions are no exception. Known as the Wheelstalker Clock, a mini organic frigate for your base and a Temporal Starship Trail but a few more trinkets that you can take along the way. And the ultimate reward for your efforts? A wonder-inspiring organic frigate to add to your frigate fleet.

We’ve really enjoyed putting this campaign together, and thousands of PlayStation travelers are thrilled at the prospect of working as an inter-galactic team to free themselves from continuity যদি even if they have to die many times to achieve it!

The Leviathan expedition begins today and will last about six weeks. Our journey continues.


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