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The Sims

Despite being in the background, its franchise The Sims game has managed to position itself as one of the world’s most beloved, a simulator that almost reaches its greatness animal crossing. And now, with a new special airing, the much awaited Project RainWhich appears to be the fifth game in the series.

The developers have made it clear that the project will keep everything that made it great The sims game, But with interesting twists to make the gaming experience as enjoyable as possible. At the same time, it wants to provide innovation for the franchise, a breath of fresh air that is expressed in the keywords of rebirth, rebirth and renewal for users.

Here’s what they commented:

Project Raine will reimagine The Sims with more ways to play, tools to enhance creativity and storytelling. With this project, players will have the option to play solo or cooperate with others or play through other supported platforms.

announcement of Maxis (the developer), closed by noting that for now things are in their early planning stages, so development of the game may take longer than expected. So fans will have to wait more to get the more polished version, which will surely be revealed through an official event E.A.

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