The first prototype of the iPhone is shown: it’s nothing short of amazing –


In recent days, YouTuber Luke Miyani has shown a video dedicated to the first iPhone models. The prototype was designed before the launch of the iPhone 2G in 2007

The new ones were launched a few months later IPhone 14, Rumors about what will happen to the iPhone in the future. Will be having fun with its flagships, among other notable features, modified design, even more functional technical features and much more.Cupertino’s OEM.

The first iPhone prototype was shown with an exclusive video. This is the pre-iPhone 2G model (Adobe Stock) launched in 2007.

But especially for the most emotional, sometimes it’s better to take a step back. Who remembers how they were The first iPhone model? Already the future for the time being, they have (obviously) turned light years away from today’s acquired technology. YouTuber Luke Miyani showed the first prototype of the iPhone in his video, which was thought of even before the launch.IPhone 2G Nell 2007.

Here’s what you need to know about the first iPhone prototype

IPhone prototype 20220701
The differences are different from the first model that saw the light then. Starting with the screen, it was initially thought to be completely plastic (screenshot)

Among its various models IPhone The most intriguing course, of course, is the look of YouTuber Luke Miyani to restore the history of historic smartphones. Prototype dating from 2006. Exactly one year before the launch of the iPhone 2G. As you can see, the design is very similar to the first iPhone. With some differences, e.g. Display Which was thought In plasticOnly to turn a solution of glass.

The two prototypes contain various components listed with adhesive. So they were the models used for a series Is examined internally. Incredibly, for some of these iPhone users, the current value has skyrocketed: we’re talking statistics that touch ,000 500,000. This is because they are surrounded by historical and virtually inaccessible pieces, real gems for collectors and enthusiasts.

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