The first trailer of Sea of ​​Stars has been released


Today, many independent companies decide to bring an experience for which many players were nostalgic, since large companies usually do not take action in terms of graphics capabilities. So it was officially released today Sea of ​​stars A video game RPG Which will certainly create windows of memory.

The presentation video gives us a look at the type of gameplay that will be in it, it’s a mix of turns but with some tricks, it can also remind us of past titles like Final Fantasy VI and Crono Trigger. All have two-dimensional graphics, with HD rendering to give the characters more clarity.

Here you can see it:

Sea of ​​stars It is a game that is not detailed in more or less Sabotage StudioThe company brought a pretty enjoyable indie at the time, Messenger, Which was based on the classics A video game series. In fact, they have been asked about a sequel, but they have decided to change the genre so as not to get stuck on the action platforms.

So far not much has been revealed about this new production, only it will arrive at some point 2023 For Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5And PC. In addition, it is a project which a Kickstarter Active at this time, so those interested in receiving sponsorship prizes should go to the respective page.

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