The flood of Lady Dimitrescu fanart will drown us all and we will like it



Something about Lady Dimitrescu, the tall vampire lady from those Resident Evil Village trailers, is resonating with a lot of people who play videogames. Tired of sitting at home, we are perhaps collectively a more lustful bunch. I think of hugging anyone, literally anyone, and my skin tingles. Phew. Headrush. 

So here comes Lady Dimitrescu, A) someone that most of the internet would gladly hug or at least accept praise from, and B) a terrifying monster made of bugs. Hearth and hell. She’s also just cool, with that fancy dress and laidback let’s-jab-a-scythe-through-this-guy’s-foot-and-drag-him-around-the-dungeon attitude. And if you live in a damn castle, you’re someone I want to know by default. (Please invite me to your castle parties.) 


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