The fusion between Master Roshi and Cell is revealed Atomics


Fusion is a characteristic element dragon ball. While we’ve seen Goku, Vegeta, and many others use this technique over the years, we occasionally witness a creation that never comes to fruition. This is the case of the merger between Master Roshi and Sel.

As part of a contest that Shonen Jump magazine ran in 1995, several fans had the opportunity to share a series of images with the goal of appearing in the acclaimed manga magazine. One of these men created the fusion of Master Roshi and Sel. It’s meant to appeal to the public and, hopefully, to catch Akira Toriyama’s attention.


As you can see, this fusion transforms the elements of two characters. From Master Roshi we have glasses, beard, tortoise shell and many parts of his physique. About cells, This creature’s head stands as a great representative of the creation of the Red Patrol.

On a related note, here’s a first look at the next arc of Dragon Ball Super. Similarly, it appears that Goku’s Ultra Instinct is not a transformation.


Via: Shonen Jump

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