The Google Pixel repair program has started


Google wants to make it easier for Pixel series buyers to repair their own smartphones. There is a repair utility that comes with iFixit for this.

Some time ago, Google announced its larger collaboration with iFixit. Now the two companies are making a flying start – for us too. The available spare parts go back to the Pixel 2, which is now five years old. So if you travel with an old Pixel cell phone, you don’t have to dispose of it if it’s defective, you can even repair it yourself with iFixit packages.

Google Pixel: The full range of spare parts is now available from us

Not only do you get spare parts for this, you can also order the tools needed for repairs from iFixit. On sale Batteries, cameras, displays and other necessary parts are available for Pixel 6 and older models. With the exception of batteries, where the warranty is limited to one year, iFixit offers a lifetime warranty on all spare parts.

Google has made the Pixel phone more repairable

Of course, you push yourself back. Since the collaboration between Google and iFixit, the repairability of Pixel smartphones has improved somewhat. Google has designed more components in a modular way and has worked over the past few years to make display and similar components more interchangeable.

In addition, iFixit emphasizes the joy of the availability of calibration tools provided for the Google Pixel series. The authors emphasize that other manufacturers should pay attention to this Of the post. With the help of these software tools, it is easy to fully renovate tools that have been repaired with aftermarket parts.

Have you ever repaired your modern smartphone yourself?

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