The Gran Turismo World Series continues with the Gran Turismo 7



2022 Gran Turismo World Series Friday, 27 May and Saturday 28 May – Competitive racing returns to Gran Turismo soon after the first round of online season 1 begins. Any player with a copy of PlayStation 4 or Gran Turismo 7 for PlayStation 5 can enter the series by going to Sport Mode * in Game 5. Once there, sign up for the Nations Cup, where you compete for individual glory for your country and / or the Manufacturers’ Cup, where you enter into a virtual contract to compete for your favorite car manufacturer.

The Gran Turismo World Series continues with the Gran Turismo 7

We’re really excited that two years after all the action took place with people playing online from home, the Gran Turismo World Series (formerly the FIA ​​Gran Turismo Championship) will show some live events in 2022 where the best players from around the country face each other on stage in front of world cameras. .

The best racers of the first online season will be invited to compete in a three-day World Series showdown against the Cream of the 2021 Championship at the spectacular Red Bull Hanger 7 in Salzburg, Austria in July.

The World Series then continues online with Season 2, with the fastest racers invited to challenge established stars in the World Final. After a two-year hiatus, the finals return to the prestigious Sporting Monte Carlo, which hosted the 2018 and 2019 World Finals events.

In addition to the two individual live events, fans can watch the top racers face off in a series of six streams that will feature the top racers in the Nations Cup and Manufacturer’s Cup.

Italy’s Valerio Gallo (21) will be looking to defend his 2021 Nations Cup title with two-time Manufacturers Cup champions Toyota losing in that series. As luxury carmaker Genesis Gran Turismo joins the World Series as an official partner, a new team will look for them – thus securing Tim Genesis a place in the Manufacturer’s Cup flagship event.

Genesis has been joined as a new partner by the Italian brake company Brembo. Both brands will add to the contributions of long-term partners Michelin, Toyota, Mazda, Alpha and BBS who have helped enrich both the game and the championship.

The Gran Turismo World Series will be great to watch, but also provides a competitive platform for anyone looking to try online racing. You will meet people of the same level in races so that you can run for fun. But if you are fast and determined enough, you can take it to the top level and join us in a fantastic live event where we look forward to the electrical environment after a two year break.

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