The hardest achievement in Resident Evil Village just got easier thanks to the new DLC



Winters’ new expansion for Resident Evil Village, The Mercenaries, improves the scoring mode and adds three powerful characters, with players noting that it makes it easier to achieve All Ace Ranks.

Resident evil villageof Legendary Cowboy feat This is (or at least was) the hardest part of the game, as players must reach a rank of S on each map in The Mercenaries – an episodic point-attack mode first seen in Resident Evil 4. At the time of writing, only 4% of tracked TA players manage to unlock it (0.76% overall on Xbox), making it rare. Credits to Resident Evil VillageAlthough choosing new DLC and using new added characters should make it less stressful.

Resident Evil Village: Winter expansion content makes even the most difficult achievements easier

Since the download was released on Friday, players across the internet have been pointing out how powerful the new mercenary characters are and how they help make the legendary cowboy more manageable, confirming that the achievement will indeed unlock if newcomers Chris, Heisenberg or Lady Dmitrisko can use it. Chris unlocks from the start and his rock-crushing fist alone can be enough to get you to S rank, Heisenberg unlocks all maps after reaching A rank, while Mrs. D claims an S rank in the new Bloody River stage.

Winter extension

Experience new bonus content for the award-winning modern horror masterpiece Resident Evil Village: Third-Person Mode, The Mercenaries Extra Orders and Shadows of Rose.

While other tenants complete Resident Evil Village, Combo KingWhile not nearly as challenging, unlocking should now be a little easier thanks to changes to how spawns work in The Mercenaries. This means the directions don’t have to be completely drastic to assemble a large team, and again, these powerful new characters should help take down enemies quickly.

we too I just picked up the achievements for Resident Evil Re:verse – There has been a late drop after the episodic multiplayer game released for Village Owners on Friday.

If you’re already playing it, how did you find Resident Evil Village? Winter extension So far? Do I appreciate a helping hand for those struggling at S rank? Let us know!


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