The hunting director didn’t want to name the game that way


The best one Bethesda Published on your behalf victimThe launch which surprised many fans who expected the delivery Arcane Studio. And now, a somewhat confusing statement has surfaced, that the game’s director, Rafael Colantonio He declined to name the video game.

Talking on podcasts AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook, Colantonio Said that using this name is disrespectful victim of 2006Well, it was a completely different game made by a completely different team and company.

Here is his statement:

It was very painful for me to call the victim like that. I didn’t want to call this game hunting, and I had to say that I wanted to do it in front of reporters. There’s a bit of the artistic, creative side that’s insulted when you say to this artist, ‘Do you know your game? It will be called Pre. And you say, ‘I don’t think I should. I think it’s a mistake.’

It is said that even naming it was detrimental to sales, as the plot of the 2006 release was far from what is seen in more modern titles. The same one that dealt with a shooter about an ex-soldier who was abducted by aliens.

Here’s an apology Colantonio Offer to core team:

It was also a kick in the face to the original creators of the hunt. I wanted to apologize to them many, many times. I didn’t really get a chance because I didn’t really know those people. It was not our intention to steal your IP and make it our own. It’s disgusting and not what I wanted to do.

victim Available at PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Through: IGN


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