The Ikea AR app will delete furniture before showing new styles


(Pocket-Lint) – Ikea will soon launch a new augmented reality app for iOS that maps a house using an iPhone’s LiDAR sensor and gives you a blank, virtual equivalent to use the new furniture.

And, unlike the existing Ikea Place app, it lets you delete furniture already in the shot.

It works a bit like Google’s Magic Eraser or Photoshop content fill feature. You can edit using the app on the phone or make more specific changes using Ikea’s website.

The app will work with non-LiDAR iPhones, but not effectively. It will also be coming later on Android devices.

Once you have created your new look, you can share the design online. You can add any used item to your shopping cart.

Ikea is also launching 50 new 3D showrooms that will showcase online design ideas for inspiration.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

In other news, the brand is working with the Swedish house mafia to release its own vinyl deck this fall.

Rick Henderson writes.

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