The Indian PC market has sold 4 million units – for the third consecutive quarter


India’s PC market has seen steady growth for the third time in a row, surpassing 4 million units in a quarter. According to the latest Study According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the traditional PC market, including desktops, notebooks and workstations, delivered more than 4.3 million units of shipping in another strong quarter (January-March 2022), and grew 37.7%, mostly from laptop sales. About 3 million units for portable computers and then 1 million units for desktop computers.

Studies have shown that the increase is due to two main reasons. The first was the demand driven by government offices for their routine operations after the Covid Lockdown and Curfew. The second factor is the consumer segment who are starting their work from home journey and students are learning from a distance. Many offline retailers also contributed to the 41.4% YoY growth record.

With a hint of our overall market share, HP leads with a total of 33.8% share and Dell and Lenovo lead with 19.4% and 17.6% respectively. In the top 5 list, Acer finished with 9.8% and Asus with 6.2% market share.

(Image credit: HP)

When comparing YoY growth of the top brands on the list, Acer has increased the most by 75%. The company reported 56.3% growth in notebook sales for the business. The Asus commercial notebook market also grew by 67.4%.

While PCs have grown, so have smartphones

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