The internet pointed out that something was missing from the Super Mario movie poster


Nintendo has announced the official release of the first trailer of the long awaited film super mario, and the most intriguing thing is that it will be a new direct that takes center stage. But those weren’t all revelations, as the first poster of the tape was released, and apparently, some users found an error.

The specific detail is the character’s lack of a rearguard, since in several of his games he appears without any flaws, and many users on this poster have noted that he has nothing on his pants. For this reason, users talk about this issue on social networks and everyone agrees that this rendering of the character should be improved.

Here are some responses:

I care deeply about anatomical plausibility in design. This Mario couldn’t jump up to 3 feet. While the public’s anger has fixed Sonic, it’s not too late to fix Mario.

Remember that the picture opens in the first months 2023. The trailer drops next Thursday October 6.

Through: Nintendo Life


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