The iPhone 15 Pro Max is unique thanks to the periscope lens with optical zoom –


The iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the first in Apple’s history to mount a Periscope photographic sensor, thus giving life to an incredible optical zoom.

iPhone 15 Pro Max to introduce optical zoom with periscope sensor – 18722

As always in the 2024 line-up, there will be a base/standard model and a Pro model, both available in two sizes: a 6.1 and a 6.7 inch. It will stand out above all iPhone 15 Pro MaxThe bigger brother of the iPhone 15 series which besides the bigger size, It will sport some unique features. Among them Periscope lensThe first arrival on the iPhone and which, at least in theory, should Significantly improved long-distance shot quality.

A periscope sensor to improve distance shots

iPhone 15 Pro Max to introduce optical zoom with periscope sensor - 18722
iPhone 15 Pro Max to introduce optical zoom with periscope sensor – 18722

Talking about it in terms of rumours/speculations, the usual analyst Ming-Chi KuoInterventions to comment on possible uniqueness iPhone 15 Pro Max. The top of the range, unlike the “standard” Pro model which will continue to offer a telephoto lens, will therefore be able to rely on a latest-generation periscope sensor. In other words, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will introduce invisible prisms to reflect light onto multiple lenses placed internally at 90 degrees to the camera sensor. Technical jargon aside, the target length will therefore be longer and, which follows, It will zoom in more detail than that may.

The resolution of the sensor from 1/3″ will be 12 megapixels with the opening f/2.8; will not miss Sensor displacement fixationWith optical zoom that can go as far 6x. Instead, we’ll have to wait for the iPhone 16 to see the Periscope sensor, along with these features, appear across the entire iPhone line. From the standard 6.1″ model to the more expensive 6.7″ Pro Max, every iPhone will be equipped with a periscope sensor, but not before 2025. An important and fundamental improvement that is necessary to keep the device up to date at this time. Over time and, above all, a little advantage wrinkle Android That has been using this technology in some flagships for years.

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