The John Wick director already wants to work on the Ghost of Tsushima movie



the ghost

It is common knowledge today sony It is preparing several adaptations for film or television, as it is with its great video game franchises Gran Turismo, God of War and even Horizon Zero Dawn. But one of the most anticipated films is this one Ghost of Tsushimawhich will be led by Chad Stahelskydirector John Wick 4.

This is what he said IGN In an interview:

As for Ghost of Tsushima, it’s on my list of things I’m dying to direct. We have a pretty good script, but we’re still working on some details because it’s a completely different game. Anyone who has played Ghost of Tsushima will notice how complex its visual style is.

Note that the development of the film was announced in 2013 2021Hand in hand with the creators of the franchise, soccer punch studio, Also being funded by sony. A specific release date has not been mentioned, but it is expected to arrive after the series considered for the streaming platform.

In news related to this production. Recently, one of the former singers confirmed this masala girls Be a part of the cast of the film Grand Touring. We tell you the details below link.

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