The Joker actor has yet to be called in to record for The Batman 2


Something that thankfully hasn’t been canceled yet A Warner Bros. invention It is produced The batman 2A tape that was confirmed on stage a few months ago Cinemacon 2022. And even though it’s already a reality, it seems that initial filming hasn’t happened yet, or at least the actors who will be participating have mentioned it.

For now, the actor must give life Joker, Barry Keoghan, noted that the production did not call him, to finalize his participation in the film, since a contract had to be signed. However, you agree that as soon as they make the respective call, it is certain that you accept said participation in the delivery.

As soon as that call comes, I’ll be there, man. i am there

The Batman: A deleted scene with the Joker revealed by the director

Barry Keoghan takes on the role the joker inside batman. It appears arkham refuge what later The Riddler (Paul Dano) He is imprisoned by his side. And it will cross paths with it at exactly where the clue is given Bruce Wayne. However, the movie details of the next installment are very few, so will have to wait.

Note that it is available on the platform HBO Max.

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