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So, using in the shower, congrats.
You’re a human being.
But have you ever wanted a shower that sings back?
This is the Kohler Moxie shower head, and we’re taking a close look at it right now.
The core Moxie showerhead comes with this nifty Bluetooth speaker with Amazon’s assistant built in.
It’s battery powered, it’s waterproof and it actually attaches to the showerhead via the mystical magic of magnet.
It’s a few more stats to know the joys of singing in the shower don’t come cheap.
This matte black version costs 260 bucks, the price can vary a little bit depending on options and finishes.
You can get it for as little as 160.
If you want the Bluetooth only version, the cheapest for an Amazon version is 240.
You set the speaker with the Kohler Connect app.
It’s fine.
It has a little trouble keeping connection with the speaker and it doesn’t even do a great job of walking you through setup.
But whatever setup is easy enough, you’ll need to charge it with this guy which also didn’t make a great first impression.
The speaker sits so nicely in the shower by just magnetically medical Attaching with this it doesn’t come with a plug.
I stole this from an apple something together.
And I wish it snapped into place or something.
You need to align the doodads technical term and yeah, life is part I have to align a thing with another thing woe is me.
But I like things that snap together.
Otherwise, here’s the power button.
Here’s the mute button.
volume buttons on the side.
Press both volume buttons at once to switch from normal speaker mode to shower mode, which supposedly tunes the sound specifically for your shower.
I don’t know To my ear normal mode sounded a little louder and more omnidirectional.
Also, you can’t tell which mode you’re in by looking at the device and listening is hard so you got to use the app.
Speaking of shower mode, the thing I haven’t talked about much yet is the showerhead itself.
The speaker is the unique cook here.
It’s a fun extra, but the whole thing isn’t worth much if the shower itself sticks.
Fortunately, that is not the case.
Unfortunately, it didn’t want me either.
We’ve tested lots of different showerheads and the technical term for this one is cooler stream rests in the middle ground between a gentle rainfall shower and In an intense stream, the middle ground is fine for most but you don’t have options if you want something different.
This isn’t a deal breaker.
I’m just a little disappointed.
Now the real question is is putting a speaker in the
The shower again.
I mean, yes, of course it is, but ready for the twist.
I kind of like it.
I mentioned a few usability quirks but well.
It sounds really good for its size core team with Harman Kardon here and it shows.
Take a listen to it compared to Amazon’s Echo Dot.
Quality is louder and fuller than the dot, honestly a bit closer to the full size Amazon Echo, and it’s a battery powered portable smart speaker and there aren’t many of them.
So if you want to put a smart speaker in the bathroom, it wouldn’t be that hard to find a spot for your Echo Dot but bye.
But now you don’t have to.
So it is kind of a gimmick, but at least it’s a solid product underneath.
But let’s twist back one more time because that price for 260 bucks.
A lot of our favorite showerheads are 50 or 60.
Add in a $100 both sides that go You’re still 110 bucks short.
Now it’s not unreasonable.
There are plenty of nice shower heads that are 100 or even $200.
on their own.
That battery lasts a while.
Koehler says nine hours of playback and after some anecdotal testing that seems about right, and it turns off on its own after it’s inactive for a while.
So, you can just.
Leave it in your shower for a few days at a time, and it’s a nice shower.
So if you the idea, go ahead and add it to your wish list.
Just maybe wait for a sale.
And in the meantime keep practising those vocals those sea shanties aren’t going to sing themselves.
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