The Last of Us Part I Part II is changing haters’ opinions


in 2020 The game was one of the most controversial in the industry Our last part II, which provided quite a story that fans disliked, for which many hated. And now with the release of the first remaster, some have gone back to school with a strange change of heart.

its user Reddit, replay factor Visited the forum to share that he had changed his mind about Part I

The player wrote the following:

I couldn’t have been more wrong about TLOU2 and I’m glad. It’s one of the best games ever made, period. I was among those who jumped on the hate bandwagon after it was revealed that Joel would be brutally murdered. I got to the first part a few days after its release and my interest in TLOU2 was instantly rekindled. TLOU Part 1 was a literal defibrillator and so I played two non-stop (comparatively speaking, my daily responsibilities allow moaning).

Everything about the game, from the graphics to the combat, the stealth, and most importantly, the story, is not only Naughty Dog’s greatest moment, but one of the proudest moments for the entire video game industry. The short story and how it was resolved was nothing short of brilliant. Abby struck me as one of the best fictional characters of all time. He’s so flawed and full of heart, he goes around doing his job as a Terminator but at the same time he’s deeply human. Eli almost felt like the villain at the end, and if he had actually killed Abby, there would have been no controversy. For me, Abby was the real star and hero of this game.

That wasn’t the only comment, as other users admitted to throwing gratuitous hate at the game through their posts, discovering that it was much better than they thought. So now, some consider it a better work than the first part.

Remember that Our last part I Available at PS5.

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