The Last of Us Part I was never really released to promote the series



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It sounds like a joke, but there is currently a new version of the first our end title the part i am, the same one that basically recreates the entire graphic part, although it doesn’t change much in terms of playability. Originally, many users thought that it was released to promote the series being produced HBOBut apparently this is not the specific reason.

Recently, known as medium Axios Talked with Herman Hulstthe president PlayStation Global Studios. There he answered the above mentioned question. Mention that 2013 The game was way ahead of its time, so they wanted to have a definitive version of it, especially in terms of graphics.

This means that the main reason was to give the game an extra touch so that new masses can discover it nowadays, and also the most fans can give it an extra spin. It was a coincidence that the new trailers of the adaptation that had already finished filming were shown at its launch.

On topics related to this future television series. It has been confirmed who will play the role came, Bella Ramsey, He was not able to play video games during the entire filming. However, he assured that it was for a specific reason that the production advised him, if you want to know all the details, we invite you to click on the following link.

Remember that Our last part I Available at PS5 And very soon pc.

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