The Last of Us TV series, here are 11 shots directly from the set – Photos


The Last of Us TV series, 11 pictures taken directly from the set where the shooting is taking place, has come online. And they say a lot.

Over time Video games and movies are intertwined And to give life to new and interesting products which are of course interesting and lots of fans. Contrary to what happened many years ago, in fact, the average quality of products born from this cross has increased and even much more. Think of it as an example of global success TranscendentalA TV series published on Netflix that explores several characters from around the world Team of legends. The value was so high that Netflix has made a historic decision for the second season.

The Last of Us TV series, here are 11 shots directly from the set – Photos

Now, however, the most awaited series for gamers around the world is an incredible quality IP as its protagonist, with an enviable and enviable following. We are obviously talking about its masterpiece Naughty dog, Our end.

The Last of Us TV series, many new pictures from the set

What Naughty Dog has packaged is one of the most famous and popular IPs in the gaming world. Even controversial and discussed TLOU PART 2 Has been able to write itself in the history of gaming. And now that we’re closer to broadcasting the TV series, many are starting to feel the hype. A hype that grows and also many thanks 11 pictures published Some who work on the series and those who end up on Twitter.

The Last of Us Series TV, I’m the protagonist

The picture shows some of the most famous places from the first title. And in particularThe hospitalWhich, of course, made the video an overnight sensation JoelTo finally bring Eli A. Lucy And find a cure for the Cordyceps epidemic that has destroyed humanity as we know it. Below are the pictures.

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